5 Fav #Feeders of Instagram – August

Celebrating our favorite #Feeders on Instagram   Instagram is a great way to see and learn about what other people in the food community are up to. These 5 #Feeders cook, eat and live well, to say the least. If you don’t follow them already, you sure should.   #FEEDER 1. The Feeder: @tuskpdx: TUSK….

Preserving Ancient Grains at Ayers Creek Farm

Anthony Boutard of Ayers Creek Farm is an incredibly knowledgable and enchanting individual. He and his wife Carol farm organically on 140 acres in the Willamette Valley, growing an amazing array of grains, fruit, legumes and vegetables. Each variety they cultivate has been carefully selected over time for its aptitude of growing on their property….

Buck, Buck, Moose: A New Cookbook by Hank Shaw

When you think of hunters, no doubt visions of the bearded, raving, wild-haired Duck Dynasty clan come quickly to mind. Or maybe some of the swaggering, macho types crashing through the underbrush on reality TV or YouTube videos. Almost all guys, almost all promoting an over-testosteroned, libido-driven, “conquering nature” mien. But that’s not all hunters….

Recipe: Apple Tarte Tatin

A bit about Apple Tarte Tatin   This is a recipe that I learned working at Aubergine Restaurant and Inn in Hillsdale, NY. It was my first fine dining job. I worked garde manger and made these tasty tarts on the daily. The origin of the Tarte Tatin comes from Hotel Tatin about 100 miles…

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