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Carlo Lamagna, Clyde Common & Twisted Filipino, Portland, OR

The Feeder: Carlo Lamagna, Clyde Common & Twisted Filipino   What They Feed: foreign & domestic cuisine inspired by the farmers & ingredients of the Pacific Northwest and his Filipino roots   Seeders & Feeders They Support: Little Gnome Farm, Cascade Organics, Wilder, TwoXSea, Gathering Together Farm, Groundworks Organic, Stone Boat Farms, Vibrant Valley Farm,…

Darius Jones, Heritage Supperclub, Oregon

The Feeder: Darius Jones, Heritage Supperclub   What They Feed: a pop-up dinner series based on Old World cooking methods and techniques, in Portland and beyond Seeders & Feeders They Support: Gathering Together Farm, Lower Valley Growers Network, Baird Family Orchards, Newman’s Fish Company, Flying Fish Company, Freddy Guys Hazelnuts, Denison Farms, DeNoble Farms, Nicky…

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