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Ilana Freddye

Ilana is 26 years old, her first name is Ilana, her middle name is Freddye (the 'e' at the end is just for show, it's pronounced like 'freddie'). She was born in Boston but calls Seattle home. She loves to cook, bake, eat, draw, paint, and take photos. She is slowly learning to love editing said photos. Ilana also has an affinity for fonts, stripes, hikes, and mason jars. She thinks splatter paint is wildly underrated and everyone should live on a farm at some point in their lives. Check out more of her beautiful photos at

The Hands That Feed Us

I first began taking photos when I started a food blog. I figured the only way to make someone want to eat something was to grab their attention with a photo that literally made their mouth water. After getting the hang of that process – plating food, adding cute napkins, and snapping some shots – I…

Ilana Freddye Remembering Summer

I spent a good deal of my summer soaking up the sun among fields of kale and tomatoes from coast to coast. Sitting here next to the fire trying to keep my toes warm makes those days feel like ages ago. As winter inches closer with the infamous Pacific Northwest gloom its nice to take…

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